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10 SEO trends for event websites in 2018

10 SEO trends for event websites in 2018

1. SERP features will be key

Getting to the number one top spot is no longer enough. There is more and more data cluttering up results pages, which means that the listing at the top isn’t always the most attractive link on the page. You should consider investing in a tool to track your ranking across a range of SERP features, things like tweets, reviews, videos, image pack and local pack.SERP features will be key.

2. Structured Rich Snippets

Taking the time to format the HTML of your page so that the search results are displayed in the best way possible is going to make all the difference. A search result that has a rating, links to review picture and keywords front and centre is going to pull in the clicks. Even if it is not in the number spot.

3. It’s all about speed

Gone are the days when people will wait for a page to load, if it takes more than a few seconds, you’ve lost them and they’re going somewhere else. With the majority of people now browsing on phones that means you need to design your page with care and keep mobile optimisation in mind.

4. Keep your content relevant

Google is always refining the algorithm and looking for pages that are truly relevant. They are getting better at spotting valuable content, and also better at punishing the fakers.

5. Voice search is here to stay

More than fifty percent of teens use voice search on a daily basis, and adults are not far behind. That means you need to be away of the nuance in the way that people search for content when they use a voice search feature over typing.

6. Get Mobile Friendly

As already mentioned, mobile web browsing is now the norm. You need to make sure that your content is mobile friendly, generally, this means streamlining the appearance, and keep the page size low.

7. Links that aren’t hyperlinks

Hyperlinks directly to sites aren’t enough to gain credibility with search engines anymore. Data mining has become more sophisticated, and it is now possible to look for any mention of brands or sites, without the need for the link. Getting your brand mentioned in a popular tweet or Facebook post is likely to count more heavily than a few backlinks on a blog post.

8. Personalised SERP

Search results are getting more intelligent, they are going to be increasingly based on the individual who is making the search. The easiest way to target this is to consider location. Making your location a part of your listing is going to help you get that first click which is going to keep you near the top of the search results for that person.

9. Visual Search

The internet is becoming an increasingly visual arena, pictures and video are the content that attracts people, and when it comes to search results the same is true. There is going to be an increase in the need to appeal to those people who search based on images only.

10. Secure sites are preferred

Websites that have secured certificates are going to be preferred by both search engines and browsers. Making sure your site is HTTPS is going to be a quick and easy way to keep your traffic coming through.

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