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2019 Social Media Trends for Events

2019 Social Media Trends for Events

Social media is anything but stagnate. There seems to be a new tactic, trend, or tool almost every day. And while not every trend catches on, you need to stay on top of everything if your event is going to use social media to stay relevant.

Take Advantage of the Slow Sell

People have become blind and indifferent to advertising. Hard sells turn people off, so constantly flooding your streams with sales and marketing copy will probably not achieve the goals you have in mind. Quick sales are great, but slow and steady will win this race.

Create content that adds value and begins to build the environment of your event. Help your potential attendees develop an interest, excitement and become emotionally invested in your event before you start talking about ticket sales. The more invested people are the more likely they are to attend. It won’t happen overnight, but you’ll create an audience that’s more involved and will to share your posts with like-minded people.

Tell a Me A Story

As Instagram and Snapchat continue to battle it out for the hearts and minds of users, they’re going to keep introducing new tools that you can use to reach your audience. One of the most popular, and best tools for event planners is one that both platforms do well – stories.

If it’s a fit for your audience, you can make stories that use hashtags, location tags and more to get their attention. Now that you can use photos that are more than 24 hours old, you can post images from previous events to show people why they should be there this year. If you’re holding an event for a cause, you can use stories to show why the fundraiser is important and how they money they spend at the event will make a difference.

Social Listening

Listening to your audience is a vital part of success both on and offline. Social listening is tracking the conversations people are having around an event, brand or activity. Use social listening to your advantage to see what people are saying about your event and your organization, then use it to better plan and market your event both on social media and IRL.

Video FTW

You can’t deny that video has a huge impact whether you use it on your website, social media, or in television ads. It’s easy enough to grab your phone and shoot a few videos to post, but are you making the most of what you’ve got? Create a strong video marketing plan that touches all mediums that you use. And, don’t be afraid to invest in a professional video. If you need a strong, high-quality video hire people with the know how to make what you’re looking for.

What works for you?

Take a few minutes to look at what you’ve done in the past. Decide what’s worked and what hasn’t. Then, work with your social media team to figure out what’s going to turn the negatives into a positive this year.

Zack is Symposia's marketing manager and is responsible for all Symposia’s marketing content and brand assets.


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