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Boost your Content Marketing in 2018

5 Steps to Boost your Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the most effective ways to attract attention as well as the key to ranking well in SEO. This infographic outlines 5 key steps to help make sure your content marketing is a success when it comes to your event.

Appeal to your target audience

Content not only needs a great writer, your articles, infographics and white papers need to appeal to your target audience. If they don’t find them interesting then your efforts are wasted. Make sure to do your research and discover what your audience like, then start getting creative.

Have a strategy

As we said in step 1, to be successful you cannot just create content, you need to be strategic in your efforts. Most big annual events begin their marketing efforts early and content should be a big part of that. Getting your attendees excited over time will encourage them to purchase a ticket. Your content needs to be helpful and insightful for your ideal attendee and not hard selling, as this method is not an effective strategy. Lastly, you need to be strategic in where and when to place content in front of your audience. Time and location are key.

Make sure you are measuring it

It’s hard to know if your content marketing is successful if you’re not measuring it in a solid way. You need to set goals and create a plan as to how your content will get you there. For example, if your goal is to increase attendance by 10% your content needs to attract attendees. This content could be case study videos from last year and new landing pages for new prospects versus returning attendees.

Give it enough time

Content marketing is centred around relationship building and gaining the love, and trust of attendees. Because of this, content marketing takes time, which is why the steps above must be considered early on in your event’s marketing strategy.

Make sure your website is up to scratch

Your website is your attendee’s gateway to your event as well as their first impression. Old, out of date websites can undermine your event’s content marketing success; therefore, we have designed a list of top warning signs that your event’s website is out of date. Read the article here.