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5 Ways to Boost Your Event Marketing Using the Latest, and Greatest, Facebook Features

5 Ways to Boost Your Event Marketing Using the Latest, and Greatest, Facebook Features

Facebook and events have been going hand-in-hand for over a decade. Every year Facebooks adds new tools that event planners can use to promote their events and attract more attendees. 41% of Facebook users in the US participate in public events every month. Over 550M people worldwide use Facebook events every month. That is a lot of potential attendees for your event. Let’s look at ways to get people to your events using some of Facebooks best features.

Sell More Event Tickets Using Facebook Ads

Facebook ads allow you to target potential event attendees with messaging in a variety of formats including photos, videos, slideshows, Carousel and more. That gives you a lot of options and room for creativity to catch the eye of people looking for something to do.

Customise Audiences

Facebook added the ability to customise audiences in Ads allowing you to target people who have interacted with your event in the past. That means you can focus on people who not only said they were coming to events in the past but those who were “Maybe”s as well. Facebook ads are a cost-effective and easy way to make sure the people who want to come to your events know about it.

Reach a Broader Audience with Facebook Events

Facebook Events is a powerful tool that allows people who are interested in an event as “Going” or “Maybe Going”. When they do, they’ll see all the updates to the event page in their timeline. You can also sell tickets through the event page – which collects data that you can use for more targeted Facebook ads to promote your event.

Improve Your Facebook Page Posts to Get Attention in Readers’ Timelines

We all know that you have to have great headlines and eye-catching images to stand out in users’ timelines, but there are a few other things to keep in mind. Like Facebook changed its algorithm so that pages that load faster appear higher on people’s timelines. If your website is full of gifs and widgets and large files that take longer to load, fewer people will see your post. Making sure your website is user-friendly, interesting and eye-catching is vital to keep people on your site, and now it can determine how many people see your page.

The Little Things Matter in Better Engagement

It’s the little things that matter, and that’s doubly true in event engagement. Things like a customized “Thank You” screens make people feel appreciated and welcome at your event. Facebook has also made some changes and now allows celebrities and influencers to promote events without the advertisers having to share their profiles. Influencers can now boost posts straight from their timelines.

Even with Facebook’s security being called into question, it remains one of the most used and most effective social media platforms in the world. Promoting your event on Facebook remains one of the most cost-effective and greatest ways to get people to your event and keep them there.

Zack is Symposia's marketing manager and is responsible for all Symposia’s marketing content and brand assets.


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