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How to make the most of Google Analytics for your event website

How to make the most of Google Analytics for your event website

What are Analytics?

Google Analytics is the standard for any event website. They allow you to track users, and discover a number of useful facts about your audience and content including:

  • Your most/least viewed pages.
  • The duration a visitor stays on your site.
  • Real time traffic counts.
  • Popular user journeys.

These stats empower you to adapt your pages based on your audiences browsing habits. By paying close attention to your site usage, you can boosts conversion rates, and improve your content delivery by making popular pages easier to find.

Tracking page-views can be hugely beneficial, but what if you’ve got additional tracking needs that can’t be achieved through page analytics alone?

Here’s where Event Tracking comes in.

In this example, let’s pretend we have a form on an event site where users can submit an application to speak at the event. The form has two streams to pick from:

  1. Technical Stream
  2. Commercial Stream

By default, Google Analytics will track the number of times your form completion page has been viewed. This allows you to track the frequency, and total number of submissions made over a given period of time. This is useful to know, but what if you want to split these stats by stream? To put it simple, you can’t. Google Analytics only knows that the form has been submitted and doesn’t know what answers your user gave.

Event Tracking enables us to pass custom parameters to your analytics account, giving you the flexibility to split up these results by stream and make easy comparisons through the use of charts and graphs.

In the example above, imagine we’re half way through the submission period, and our Event Tracking shows that only 10% of all submission were for the “Technical Stream”. We now have the opportunity to react to this insight and invest resources to bump up the numbers for this stream prior to the event.

Event streams are just one of many applications. You could split your submission stats by age, gender, country or any other fields you may have on your form.

What next?

Find out how Event Tracking can benefit your own event website by contacting our team.

Matt is Symposia's product manager and is responsible for the technical planning and delivery of our projects.


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