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Which social channels are best for promoting my event?

Which social channels are best for promoting my event?

Marketers will all agree that social media is great. When it comes to promoting your event, it does not get any better than social media to spread the word and create hype. However, choosing the correct channel to reach your target audience can be tricky.

Everything you post, update, upload and present will impact your online marketing initiatives. All attendees, perspective and registered, will carefully look at your social media post to make a decision or stay informed.


Choosing the right social media channels for your event starts with research. You must gain vital information and knowledge regarding the specific channel and your target audience. The first step is to determine which social media channels your target market uses. Then you need to establish the sort of content on social media your target market consumes, watches or listens to. Content is the backbone of social media. All social media channels provide insights into user’s behaviours and preferences, so gaining the information you need is available on the channels you need to research.

Develop a content plan

As mentioned before, content is key to social media, and you need to plan ahead. Engagement from your target audience determines how many people see your posts and decide to attend your event, so every post is important. To ensure maximum exposure, you need to include images in the posts and time the ticket sales announcements. Content that is is conversational and engaging are far more successful than posts that are focused on sales.

No social media channel is the same as the next, you need to alter content for each channel. Always keep in mind the differences in the channels and what is allowed when drafting your content strategy. For example, using Twitter requires posts that are short and succinct, LinkedIn, on the other hand, requires content with a professional tone as the target audiences are professional business people.

Research has shown that video and images have more interactive from audiences than solely text-based content. There is nothing wrong with using videos and images from a previous event that was successful.

How to choose the correct channel for your event

Once you have determined your audience, you need to find out which social media channel they frequent. Each social media platform has a specific focus and you will need to determine where you will gain maximum engagement with your audience. Again, the research tools are available on the social media platforms, so the data is easy to acquire. Updating and optimising your profiles is key. Make sure all your event information is up to date on your chosen social media channels.

Once you have drafted your content plan and strategy, ensure you adhere to the main focus of the social media channel. For example, your Facebook post is not going to be the same as your Twitter post. Also, there are various types of content you can use to engage with your audiences, such as memes, gif’s, humour and video.

Social media marketing for your event is relatively inexpensive and highly effective. The most popular social media channels remain to be Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn for business-to-business promotion. With thorough research and good planning, you will be sure to gain maximum exposure and registrations for your event.

Zack is Symposia's marketing manager and is responsible for all Symposia’s marketing content and brand assets.


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