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Boost event ticket sales with live chat

Boost event ticket sales with live chat

Are you in need of selling more event tickets? While a lot of people think it’s a difficult process, it can be surprisingly easy when you know what you are doing.

In fact, it may be as simple as adding a single feature to your own website. Let’s explain.

When websites first emerged, the best way to describe them was as the front desk of your own business. The perks behind a site though were this “desk” was open 24/7. It houses content people can read up on and may even answer a customer’s question without you having to spend resources. It’s a powerful tool that is now a staple for companies.

That being said, there have been shifts to this dynamic. And one of the biggest additions to websites now comes in the form of a live chat or a message box. Because of these features, many events have seen a great boost in ticket sales. Let’s explain how that works.

Prospective customers are in love with chats

There are many reasons why potential attendees to your events will enjoy live chats. Live chats provide individuals immediate answers to any of their questions. This saves them having to call you, but also it can save them a lot of time searching your site for the answer.

People are in love with chats for a few reasons:

Chats allow them to multitask. A lot of people have the luxury of doing other things while they wait for an answer. You get better information faster. Because a chat box is instant messaging you save the back and forth banter you’d get through email. Often times chat is used for quick and direct messaging so you can put together answers faster. People don’t like calling. People have grown used to not talking to people over the phone. Instead, people prefer similar things to conversations like a chat box.

So How Can Live Chat Boost Ticket Sales?

There are many other perks to a live chat, however, how does that translate to higher ticket sales?

Let’s answer that question with another question: when do people normally use chat boxes?

The answer is when they are close to making a decision.

When it comes to people about to buy, a customer goes through many phases. The last phase before making a decision is by asking questions. This can be in the form of visiting the company’s site, looking at reviews, and more. In this state, a person is highly susceptible to being persuaded by their emotions.

With this in mind, having a chat box is ideal because for the one you have someone immediately available to the customer ready to chat with them. This provides immediate relief for a customer. For one they have a source immediately in front of them willing to answer every question they have. As a result, the customer is in a happier mood and may even buy a ticket for your event in the heat of the moment.

Live chats can even cut costs

If you need further incentive to consider this feature then know that a live chat can also reduce expenses. Live chats are helpful in answering basic questions with no issues. It doesn’t require your own people to take time responding to questions. This is good because it saves those members time since they could be doing other daily tasks rather than answering phone calls or responding to emails.

You may think that takes little time but over the day and weeks, people can lose several hours collectively just from answering basic questions.

Symposia are able to integrate with most live chat providers. Get in touch with us to find out more.

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