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Combine SEO with PPC to improve your overall event marketing

Combine SEO with PPC to improve your overall event marketing

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) are two of the most popularly used digital marketing methods, and for good reasons.

Over the years SEO has proven to be one of the best methods when we talk about achieving top ranking in SERPs through organic traffic. On the other hand, the PPC method where the advertiser pays a certain fee each time the ad gets clicked has particularly helped newly-established businesses gain quick traction in online visibility.

As such there is no doubt that both SEO and PPC are viable methods for businesses wanting to achieve more site traffic and reach out to more potential customers. However, in most cases companies treat SEO and PPC as two separate entities. This practice has long been the standards and businesses are actually missing out on a lot of opportunities.

While SEO and PPC are completely different from each other, did you know that both of them can actually complement each other for optimised marketing results? So, why not use the two strategies hand in hand together and achieve more?

Read on to find out how using both SEO and PPC methods can help optimise your business’ digital marketing strategy to increase your traffic, expand your brand reach and ultimately, to gain more leads that will convert into actual sales.

The Benefits of Combining SEO and PPC in Your Digital Marketing Strategy

The key takeaways of using SEO and PPC in synergy to one another include the following:

Using both methods in harmony with each other can significantly increase your online visibility.

This perhaps is the most obvious benefit. As both methods are targeted towards dominating SERPs and fundamentally, increasing online visibility, combining them provides businesses with the opportunity to increase traffic in both the organic and paid strategies.

Both methods can be aligned together to achieve optimised results.

Of course, just as both methods offer unique advantages, each of them also has their own drawbacks. When you use both of them together they supplement one another and fill in each other’s limitations. Thus, you can make the most out of both methods.

The combination of PPC and SEO is a good strategy to help build up a brand’s image.

Overall both paid and organic traffic are efficient digital marketing tactics that can help increase your brand’s awareness and drive sales. Dominating in search results pages help enhance your brand’s image, build your customers’ trust and attract more audience.

SEO and PPC combination can help you harness the benefits of using social media to enhance your marketing campaign.

Nowadays, almost everyone is in the social media. Businesses can take advantage of this opportunity to expand their reach and introduce their brand to a pool of targeted audience. By applying both paid and organic strategies, businesses will be able to double the results and improve their marketing campaign.

So, if you are looking for ways to expand your audience reach, increase your brand’s awareness and attract more leads, a well-thought hybrid SEO and PPC technique can unify the benefits of both strategies and take your business to a whole new level.

Zack is Symposia's marketing manager and is responsible for all Symposia’s marketing content and brand assets.


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