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Quick guide to promoting your event app

Quick guide to promoting your event app

The mobile event app is now an essential tool for event organisers. However, it is only worth it when it is made good use of. Therefore, marketing and app promotion is imperative in the execution process.

Offline Marketing

Registration Desk

Utilise the fact that attendees will have badges to promote the event app by providing the link to the download pages and also tell attendees what to search for face to face.

Printed Event Guides

As we have seen, attendees will gain more from an event app than paper versions and an event app can replace paper versions. However, you will likely still have things to print. Therefore, in your printables, include information on the event app and ensure the instructions are straight forward.

Event Signage

This can be a great way to encourage people to download the app. For example, signs showing
directions, remind attendees they can use the app to view the venue map. Another example is if the sign advises of schedules, remind attendees to use the app to gain the most current schedule information.


Utilise announcements to remind attendees to download the event app and briefly describe the benefits.

Digital Marketing


Attendees expect to see promotion of your event app in a prominent place on your website. Moreover, it is the likely to be the first place they look.

Press Releases

Ensure that information about your event app is shared with the press – letting the world know you are using the most advanced technology, create a buzz and coverage.

Email Marketing

Use all email communications to include a link to download the event app and encourage attendees to begin networking on the app. A few days before the event, send an email specifically about the app to attendees. Explain how they can make their own agenda, network and follow sponsors and attendees, and make communities and activities pre, during and post the event.

Blog Post

Use to show app benefits to attendees, sponsors and exhibitors and promote downloading pre the event.

Social Media

Post at the top of your Facebook page, use hashtags on Twitter, and use videos and images as much as possible to gage the most interest.


Videos are brilliant at giving a personal touch to your promotion of the event app.


Increase Demand

Advise of the exclusive benefits of the app such as app content, networking and much more.

Facilitate Downloads

Link the app to the content that your emails, website, blogs as well as offline resources use. Prompt attendees to rate the app in the app store to increase reputation of the app and help it appear in searches.

Encourage Sharing

Utilise individuals competitive nature by offering award badges in the app which will encourage them to share the app.

Increase Engagement

Use gentle reminders asking attendees to check-in to sessions and use the networking and social feed features.

Zack is Symposia's marketing manager and is responsible for all Symposia’s marketing content and brand assets.


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