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Engage attendees and use powerful marketing tools to optimise events and drive ROI

Our Latest Features



Symposia are excited to launch the latest feature of our powerful event app, MatchMaker. MatchMaker was built to help attendees make the most of your event by connecting with the right people, enabling them to chat and meet in a quick and efficient way.


Uprated activity wall

We’ve improved the look and feel of our
activity feed enabling delegates to quickly see who’s posting content and easily attach images when messaging. The improved UI will encourage interaction and increase clickthrough rate.

latest event app features

Engage Attendees

Attendee Messaging

Keep your attendees engaged for longer by giving them the power to message each other directly inside your app.


Attendee Networking

When your app is built using Symposia, it will let attendees network and make it easy to quickly exchange contact information.


Live Polling, Event Surveys and Ratings

Poll your audience with one multiple choice question at any time. Gather important session feedback. Create detailed, customised, event surveys that can be sent to attendees automatically. Allow attendees to give the session a star rating out of 5.

Real Time Feeds

Custom News and Activity Feeds

Your visitors and exhibitors have the option to create their own content, which others can choose to see in their news and activity feeds in your app or website, giving you an unbeatable level of unique engagement.


Push Notifications

Push notifications are designed to show on the lock screen and the user does not need to have the app running to receive them. You could build a campaign around using this messaging to get users excited about the event via app-only content, surveys and incentives.


Social media integration

Showcase your sponsors and generate revenue using our banner advertising feature.

Daily Planning


Using your Symposia app and website, your attendees can see your event programme and sync sessions to their native calendar app. They’ll also be able to create their own personalised schedule by choosing the sessions they’re interested in.


Floor Plans

Working alongside the leading floor-plan generators, we can integrate your floor-plan within the app, helping your delegates navigate their way around the venue.

Mobile Marketing Tools

Integrated Analytics

Measuring the success of your event could not be easier with our integrated analytics, helping you optimise events and drive ROI.


Custom Branding

All our apps are fully customised to integrate seamlessly with your branding colours, logos, fonts and imagery.


Banner Advertising

Showcase your sponsors and increase advertising revenue throughout the app using Symposia’s banner advertising feature.

Information at your Fingertips

Universal Search

Everyone using your site and app will be able to easily find the information they need, as every element will be searchable, with filters for each category.


Document, Notes and List Editing and Collaboration

Share relevant documents, session content, and links in multiple formats before and after the session.


Exhibitor, Speaker and Sponsor Profiles

Speakers, exhibitors and sponsors can create their own information-packed profiles for attendees to browse. Each profile can include contact and marketing information, a bio/description and when the contact is speaking/exhibiting, which will integrate with the schedule. Attendees can then mark their favourite profiles and make notes tied to speakers, exhibitors, guests and sponsors.