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Why video is essential for your event marketing strategy

Why video is essential for your event marketing strategy
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As a rather young marketing tool, video marketing is developing rapidly. By 2017, it is predicted that video marketing will be responsible for 69% of all online traffic. Moreover, by 2019, it is estimated that it would take someone over 5 million years to watch the total videos that will cross global IP networks per month. This amounts to 1 million minutes of video content per second!

Videos capture an audience in a way that text never can. This is due to an inherent preference and laziness of the brain! The brain processes videos 60,000 times quicker than text. The brain’s cognitive capability to absorb video consumes far less energy than the level of neurological activity required to read text.

In a recent study conducted by Microsoft, they found that the increase in smartphone usage is correlated to the reduction of individual’s attention span – from 12 seconds in 2000 to 8 seconds today!

Today we want information instantly through a medium which provides the most amount of information in the shortest time – the average video equates to 1.8 million words! It is no wonder that the video is becoming the undefeated champion.

Overcoming the content problem

Now we have discovered why video marketing is booming, we must unravel what it means for event marketers and why it is becoming a vital marketing medium.

Video marketing enables event marketers to connect and engage with potential attendees and push their site up the Google ranks.

Humanise the selling process

Video marketing for your brand is like having a shop front which is viewable on a global scale. It celebrates your service, product and company and engages customers on an emotional level – much better than the alternative; cold calling! It humanises the selling process and allows the customer to relate to the emotion you offer as well as the physical product. Therefore, marketers can move away from selling a product to selling a memorable experience in a tactile and four-dimensional way. Furthermore, video marketing is 27.4 times more likely to get that click through we aim for than copy.


An essential advantage of video marketing over other content is its immense share-ability. Think about it; how often does someone share a brochure with you – and how often does someone share a video with you through social media….? So, day to day, we are exposed to such videos which are great in quantity and quality. A study by Usury showed that when it came to a video, consumers were 39% more likely to share, 36% more likely to comment and 56% more likely to provide that all important ‘like’.

Consumers are more likely to share videos this way due to ease and almost the goodwill gesture of the consumer toward video marketing.

When a video is launched, it can engage those consumers it otherwise would not! This is evidenced through huge statistics – YouTube gains 1 billion unique visitors per month!

Moreover, it has been found that a third of Brits, on average, watch 1 online video per week. This amounts to a possible national audience on 20 million Brits a week. Greater than that, 92% of mobile video users share videos. This creates a potential UK audience of 19.5 million. In addition, when we add autoplay on social media into the equation, the potential viewing numbers are astronomical! Now compare that to traditional print!


The amount of current content being launched and created online is ridiculous! Marketers need to go above and beyond to stand out and have their voice heard! Video marketing is one such way to do this. It engages customers and provides share-ability – thus increasing those all-important website stats!

Google has appreciated the potential of video marketing as a video is 50 times more likely to get higher search rankings on Google than text. Better than that, customers stay an average of 2 minutes longer on a page if there is video content. Therefore, from an SEO perspective, video marketing is one of the best tools!

Zack is Symposia's marketing manager and is responsible for all Symposia’s marketing content and brand assets.


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