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Does your event website need a PPC campaign?

Does your event website need a PPC campaign?
Event PPC

Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click (PPC) is a kind of digital marketing where advertisers bid for advert placement positions on numerous search terms. They can use such search engines as Google, Bing and Yahoo, though, Google continues to be the largest global platform preferred by online marketers.
PPC, fundamentally, is buying visits to your websites and advertiser pay each time the ad is clicked – hence, Pay Per Click. Generally, the more you bid per click, the higher you will appear in search engine results.

How does PPC work?

When customers type a search query, an auction is raised where each advert relating to the search query bids against each other.

Generally, you would think the highest bid would be at the top of the search, however, such auctions vary. For example, Google uses Ad Rank, a bidding metric which incorporates the bid with the calibre of the advert. Therefore, the advert with the highest Ad Rank will gain the top spot.

PPC Keyword Research

Many PPC campaigns can be annoyingly full of broad keyword matches which can produce either poor quality traffic or no traffic at all. Therefore, PPC keyword research is crucial and really pays off. Utilising keyword planner to pin point high traffic places with small competition provides that pivotal step for an accomplished AdWords campaign.

Managing PPC

Managing just one PPC campaign can be a massive task in itself requiring money, resources and time. Moreover, if the individual running the campaign does not understand the bidding system, it will cost you much more.

A victorious campaign relies on continued monitoring and managing of search query research, bid adjustments and the vital keyword research.

Do you need PPC?

So, is your business on the top of search engines under the terms you want? No? Well then perhaps PPC is the next step for you!

PPC will allow your business to be the top result in seconds, for as long as you like and the price you like. PPC is accommodating, easy and you only pay when someone clicks your advert. Therefore, increasing the number of visitors to your site. Such campaigns can also be turned off immediately. PPC advertising can improve organic search rankings and thus boosting the total traffic and click-through rates.

If you think PPC is right for your event’s website, we would love to help.


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