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Frequently asked questions

about our event app

What devices does the app work on?

The Symposia app is compatible with both Android and IOS mobile devices.

Does the app integrate with a registration provider?

Not out of the box, but we can pull data from any 3rd party CRM provided there is some form of API access.

Can exhibitors and sponsors be granted access to add their data directly?

Yes. It is possible for us to give access to people/companies to manage their data.

Can the app be used for multiple events?

Yes, the Symposia app has the ability to toggle between multiple events in a single app

What content can be added?

For a full list of features please click here.

What lead time is required??

Depends on the event. App taken as-is with minor amends would typically take 1-2 months to set up. This includes content population, assemble data coming from 3rd party CRM’s, integrations, testing and approval.

How long is Apple currently taking to approve your apps on average?

Based on our experience, moderation is done within 2-3 days of submission and usually approved on the first submission, but this cannot be guaranteed.

Can the app operate via phone signal (3G/4G)?

Yes, the app can operate via phone signal.

How can you encourage engagement before, during and after the event?

What opportunities does your app offer for revenue generation?

We have a few revenue opportunities on the app including global banners and sponsor logos on app splash screen.

Is it easy to add last minute speakers and exhibitors?

Yes, data is pulled via the CMS in real time. Add a new speaker, it is immediately available via the app..

What support is available?

Business hours support (9:00am – 5:30pm UK time). Out of hours, support can also be arranged during the event.