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Google Ads: everything you need for your event website

Google Ads: everything you need for your event website

If you were someone who regularly paid for ads, you would no doubt be familiar with Google AdWords. A lot of us have it bookmarked, only to open it up once in a while, while some use it every day. Regardless, there is some sad news about Google AdWords.

Google AdWords is gone. Replaced in fact.

As of July 24th 2018, Google AdWords will have its name changed to Google Ads. And with that, the platform has changed a lot.

So what does all this mean?

A lot of us may be asking why this name change is such a big deal. It’s just a name change, right? Well not exactly.

Last month, Google made a big announcement concerning its brands. For 18 long years, Google has been providing AdWords for a specific goal: to help people find their solutions fasters. However, with the times changing with more mobile users searching, it was about time Google made some changes as well.

For them, they wished for both a simpler design, but also simpler solutions when advertising.

With AdWords in the past, users had to think of both search ads as well as keywords. The problem with that is that it doesn’t really reflect what businesses are capable of.

It’s for this reason, paired with the surge of mobile users, that AdWords is making the switch to Ads. Google proposes that this shift “represents the full range of advertising capabilities” and it certainly does. This shift makes a nice addition to the facelift that AdWords got in January 2017.

In short, this update not only changed the name, but it provides an entirely new look, has overview cards, provides further visual reporting, promotion extensions as well as advanced bid adjustments.

With all this considered, it makes sense that Google would want to rename this. It provides entirely new experiences and has a lot of extra functions that didn’t exist before.

Are there other changes?

Of course, the massive shift to Google Ads is a big one, but there are certainly other things that are getting an update as well. These aren’t as big as Google Ads, however, they do change up the experience.

First of all, Google is also taking steps to rebrand DoubleClick along with Google Analytics 360. They’ve started to move those two platforms to live under one umbrella called “Google Marketing Platform”.

Furthermore, DoubleClick for Publishers along with DoubleClick Ad Exchange will be moved to “Google Ad Manager”

Google is also planning out some new features as well which haven’t been announced or even fleshed out entirely. That being said, we are aware of some things floating around. One particular feature worth noting is that Google Ads will eventually have something called Smart campaigns. They are campaigns

set up through the use of AI technology. It’s mainly a tool to help small companies or beginners to build ads painlessly and quickly.

If you’d like more details or help with your Google Ads for your event then get in touch today.

Zack is Symposia's marketing manager and is responsible for all Symposia’s marketing content and brand assets.


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