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The importance of strong design for event websites

The importance of strong design for event websites

You cannot cut corners when designing a website. Website design must offer a great user experience and expand conversion rates leading to an increased return on investment.

Adequate website design engages an individual’s attention and provides what they need quickly and effectively. Though, great website design does this while putting you ahead of your competitors, celebrating what you have to offer and ensures your event is a clear option for those attending.

This digital age requires a well-designed website. It is essential. They are the marketing core of any business where all other marketing material feeds in, feeds out, mirrors, or does all three!

Consequently, drawing visitors to your site is the main intention. Therefore, having poor website design ultimately means all other marketing mediums are worthless. It is feasible that having a complex, aesthetically displeasing and tacky website will result in your consumer losing trust in you. Ergo, your conversion rate will decrease and your bounce back will increase. However, a well-designed website will close the deal once a possible attendee is on your site.

Symposia's Impressive 2018 Showreel

What exactly is website design?

Briefly, website design is the process devising and preparing a website by envisioning colours, text style, graphics, layout, images, structure, and interactive features that provide information to visitors.

But, it really goes beyond this. What you offer, your company as a whole, its ethos and ethics, future aspirations etc are all determined by your website. As well as this, to ensure your website has longevity, you must understand what each asset includes and how you want to present them before initially putting pen to paper.

We do things slightly differently at Symposia. Other companies may keep you in the dark, but here at Symposia we work closely with you throughout the entire process and keep you central to all designs. Our creative team plan, design and build your website beside you from your initial contact with us.

Creating your site is not driven by what can be done development wise, however, by the best way messages are conveyed to your demographic and how the unique company culture is bought to life by our creative design.

Clearly, web design is imperative. It conveys the important first and lasting impression to your consumer. Often, your website is the first time a consumer can be captivated by your brand. Ergo it is imperative your design reflects your company and what it stands for.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with Symposia today to see how we can help you design a website for your upcoming event.

Zack is Symposia's marketing manager and is responsible for all Symposia’s marketing content and brand assets.


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