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Introducing Symposia

Streamline all digital marketing assets through a single efficient CMS

Symposia was built to streamline your most important digital marketing assets through a single, efficient CMS. Our powerful CMS uses best-in-class technology to run your event website and mobile app.

User experience guides all our creative decisions ensuring all content is easy to find a viewable on all devices.

Our Website Services

Our powerful CMS uses best-in-class technology and cutting-edge UX design to run your event website

Powerful Integrations

Our robust CMS driven websites are able to integrate with third-party tools including Showplans, Salesforce, Hubspot, ITN, Event Brite, Feathr, N200 and more


Marketing Tools

Powerful marketing tools such as Data Capture, Display Ads and Analytics help keep track of your websites performance



Setting up profiles is a walk in the park with our Flexible Profiles and Profile Self-Management

Our Mobile Event App

Our mobile apps are built using the same CMS and bring in data from your website, creating a whole new journey for your users before, during and after your event

Engage Attendees

Attendee Messaging, Attendee Networking and
Event Surveys and Ratings


Real-Time Feeds

Real-time feeds such as News and Activity Feeds, Push Notifications and Social integration mean your audience will never miss a thing


Information at your Fingertips

Document Downloads, Exhibitor, Speaker,
Sponsor profiles, Programs and Floorplans are easily available at your fingertips

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