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Live Streaming for your Event

Live Streaming for your Event

Currently, without an excellent social media strategy, it is near impossible to grow your event attendance. Here, we will focus on the recent, and ever increasing use and demand of Live Streaming from the three top social media competitors, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Facebook Live

Facebook’s founder, Mark Zuckerburg, has stated Facebook will be mostly videos in the next few years and is obsessed with live streaming himself. As such, Facebook have given live streaming a massive ad campaign. Facebook wins the social media platform battle every time with both innovation and their grand user base of 1.86 billion active users.
Facebook is mastered by an algorithm and not chronologically. Facebook will show what what they think you want to see first, which is live videos from who you like most! Meaning all those who could see your post will, due to its notifications and priority on feeds. Therefore, attracting your audience to your page or event.
Positives of Facebook live are; streams are archived in your page, choice of who sees your Facebook Live, and you can add buttons for ‘interested’ and ‘attending’.
Normal Facebook video engagement dwindles after 60 seconds but Facebook Live actually peaks at 10 minutes and only drop off significantly after 20 minutes and further engagement happens when you engage with those watching.


Periscope is a separate app which is integrated into Twitter. As stated, Facebook live is excellent at re-engaging current followers, but Periscope and Twitter have worked together to engage those who have never followed you through organic discovery. Twitter ensures highly searchable videos through sharing and hashtags.
On Twitter, more posts equals more engagement. But on Facebook, you get penalised for posting often as its users get fatigued. Periscope offer 360 degree live streams as well as a superior sound quality, both of which are incredible for such events as music festivals.
Periscope is a great way to engage new users if you do not have the capital to invest in an expensive ad campaign. However, it’s download rate is decreasing as Twitter now has an integrated live stream. In the short-term, Periscope is a great way to gain more followers.


Instagram (also owned by Facebook) now has Instagram Live, following it’s successful ‘Instagram Stories’. Though pretty new, the feature is not as diverse as Facebook Live. It cannot be viewed on a desktop, it cannot be archived or saved anywhere, it has lack of description, filter, analytics (only view count). It is the most basic of live streams discussed here. It is only available for 24hours and followers do not want to miss out! In regards to event marketing, this can be advantageous as the event will only have to give out that information once.
Instagram Live is great for current followers and to promote your event. Hashtags and sharing cannot be used here, therefore, this cannot help you gain new followers, but is good to engage the followers you have now!

In Conclusion

Live streaming is changing constantly and a demand has been created. Contrary to the fact that social media has dwindled our attention span, live streaming actually peaks after minutes instead of seconds which is excellent news for Event Organisers. We are yet to see the full extent of live streaming so finding the right platform of live streaming for your event is imperative now!

Zack is Symposia's marketing manager and is responsible for all Symposia’s marketing content and brand assets.


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