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Make Your Content Customer-centric in 2019

Make Your Content Customer-centric in 2019

When it comes to digital marketing, a customer-centric approach is critical for success.

One of the first steps to take when trying to make your content more customer-focused is to look long and hard at your current marketing approach from the perspective of a potential customer.

Say, for example, that your event is selling a new product. Does your marketing approach answer any questions your potential customer might have about the product? If not, they might not be interested in buying it because they don’t have enough information about what it does and if it’s right for them. As a result, it’s a good idea to have at least on FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page that can help provide your customers with answers to their questions.

You don’t necessarily need an FAQ for everything you sell or every service you offer, but it’s definitely a good idea to at least have an FAQ for the more commonly asked questions. Also, consider including customer reviews or testimonials about the products or services you’re offering; if a potential customer sees evidence that another person was happy with their purchase, they are much more likely to buy it themselves.

Also don’t hesitate to provide additional information on topics relating to your products or ses; part of convincing someone to buy what you’re selling is to convince them that you’re qualified in the relevant area of expertise, so feel free to post informative articles or lists of tips about related topics (for example, if you’re selling a line of beauty products, you can try sharing some advice on skin care and hair care in general or include a list of tips for dealing with certain skin conditions). Customers will be able to see from these additional articles that you’re well-informed about your industry and as a result they will be more likely to trust in (and buy) your product.

Additionally, while selling your products and services is presumably the main goal of your marketing strategy, it’s important to not let the goal of making money blind you to the need to develop customer relationships and adjust your approach accordingly.

Consider creating an avenue through which customers can leave feedback; this can be especially important for helping to determine which products and services are the most popular with your clients and which ones might be costing you more than you’re making on them. Accepting and responding to customer feedback also fosters a positive relationship between your company and the customers, who are in turn more likely to do business with you again as well as recommend you to others. Also, try to continue engaging your customers even after they’ve made a purchase; consider putting together a monthly newsletter that contains information about your latest products or offers periodic coupon deals that will keep them coming back for more.

Overall, there are many things you can do to make your marketing approach more customer-centric, but the primary thing to remember is to always look at what you’re offering from the perspective of a customer while also expending an effort to engage them and keep them interested in your products and services long-term.

Zack is Symposia's marketing manager and is responsible for all Symposia’s marketing content and brand assets.


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