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Does your event need a mobile app?

Does your event need a mobile app?

Mobile Event Apps

Mobile Event Apps improve the experience for all involved. Through this guide I will explain why Conference Organisers should use event apps and how you can benefit from one.

During conferences and trade shows, delegates think little of what happens behind the scenes in organising such an event. It not just setting out chairs and putting up signs. Organisers work with venues, caterers, unions, sponsors, speakers, exhibitors etc to ensure the experience is positive for all. Therefore, a tool which helps to enhance and organise such an experience, is in the Event Organiser’s best interest to look into.

Keep attendees up-to-date with current information

Event Organisers rarely discuss the time used to gather information for each of their events. All that Organisers share must be accurate otherwise confusion arises. This is challenging as drastic changes can occur last minute – people can cancel, speakers could miss a flight, there are technical difficulties at the venue etc. Event apps are updated and configured by the Cloud in real time, therefore, all involved receives the most current information. Plus organisers are not wasteful with paper reprints of up to date agendas.

Collect feedback from attendees

This is imperative to every conference being successful as feedback can advise of what does and does not work. For years feedback was provided through paper surveys. Now online surveys are often used, however, these can be post event when the event is not as clear in attendees minds. This can cause the responses to be skewed to the extremes, non-specific and response rates are often low. Event apps allow attendees to give feedback at the most relevant time. The app’s push notifications remind attendees to complete the survey as soon as the session ends. The survey can be accessed in the app activity feed as whenever they have down time at the event. The information gathered from the surveys on the mobile app offer organisers valuable feedback for future events and ensures future success. Use the feedback to ascertain attendee happiness and use the data as an action plan for the next event.

Gather real‐time analytics

Event apps provide organisers with information they would have not been privy to before, for example, attendees “check in” to the session on the app. This enables organisers to know who has and has not made the event and what events are popular.

An advanced capability of such apps in the use of Natural Language Processing (NLP) which is gained by comments and ratings in the app. This gives an idea of attendee happiness and adjustments can be made reactively. The information provided by the app’s analytics is a fantastic way to sell the event to sponsors. You can show them data on attendee habits and why they are a brilliant fit for the event. The data can also be shown to investors, stakeholders, CEO etc whom can all benefit.

Generate Revenue

Event apps have much potential in generating revenue as it is of great value to sponsors and exhibitors. Adding a digital format to the event gives sponsors a unique and data driven insight into getting their brand in the right place – they will also appreciate the extra service!

The event app adds a measurable layer to demonstrate to investors and exhibitors a return on their investment and ensure they come back next time!

Event ROI

Event apps provide great data insight before, during and after the event to illustrate your events value.

Zack is Symposia's marketing manager and is responsible for all Symposia’s marketing content and brand assets.


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