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Myths about event mobile apps

Myths about event mobile apps

Mobile apps at events these days are starting to become more and more common. In fact, those buzzwords are prominent in both the conference and event planning industry. It makes sense as they are great tools and can provide an incredible amount of value to people.

The only thing is as much as it is a buzzword, there are also questions. Does it take four to six weeks to have an app made? Aren’t apps incredibly expensive to make? Aren’t mobile apps for events reserved for larger events?

Indeed there are those questions and many others that surround it, but let’s take some time to break them down.

Small events can get apps too

Without a doubt, large events garnering a few thousand people will certainly cover the costs of including a mobile app for the event. However, the value of the app isn’t solely resting on the number of people who attend.

In fact a lot of rests on how those individuals engage with those apps. By adding an app to every event that you provide will lead people to go to these events. Over time this only boosts your ROI for that app as people continue to use that app for every event that they attend. This is the goal of when you create and provide mobile apps. You want to be improving engagement with both the app, your events, and your own brand through this app.

Preparing Apps In Advance

One of the other big problems is when it comes to planning events and conferences, planners are typically given four weeks to have everything put together. The problem lays with event app development. For them, it takes about four to six weeks. Since timelines don’t match up, there needs to be a way around it.

That’s where building a framework is essential. What this does is provides an event planner with a basic groundwork for an event. All that needs to be shifted are things like the brand, exhibitors, sponsors amongst a few other things. Symposia can create for you a multi-event container, you can publish events quickly. This cuts back time dramatically as event planners don’t need to develop entirely new apps. They just need to tailor some design work to each event’s details.

With all this in mind, be sure to speak with us to find out more about the Symposia app and its powerful capabilities.

Zack is Symposia's marketing manager and is responsible for all Symposia’s marketing content and brand assets.


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