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Tactics to boost your event’s app adoption

Tactics to boost your event’s app adoption

As people have started to grow accustomed to apps and Smartphones, how we’ve engaged with them from year to year has shifted a lot. In fact, when it comes to app adoption, a lot of businesses are considering how customers use their Smartphones, and even how much time they spend on new and existing apps. In this article, we’ll be looking more into that data and provide tactics that’ll help your app grow.

Have A Mobile Strategy

But before we get into the tactics, the first thing that we want to cover is the need for a mobile strategy. You may have heard of it or not, but it’s an essential key if you want to launch a successful app. You may have the most practical, helpful, and amazing app on the market, but a poor marketing plan or a weak strategy will not do you much good.

Part of a mobile strategy is having a focus, understanding your desired customer base are key and for that, you must plan.

Define Your Success

Another thing to keep in mind when putting together a strategy is asking a simple question:

How exactly does success look to you?

There is no right or wrong answer to this question as results will vary from person to person. Not to mention we all have different motivations and goals for our apps.

What this question does is allows you to determine what your aim and intent for the app adoption to be like. This could be the number of installs, comparing app performances with your competition or even previous years apps.

Either way, a good starting point is benchmarking from competitors results. That being said, another good one is looking at how much feedback and social media mentions you get. Something more qualitative.

Find Out Their Usage And What Customers Do On Their Phones

Now that is done, the big idea is to figure out more about your audience. Who exactly are you targeting and in which countries. Based on that, you can easily get data that can tell you peoples usage of apps on their phone. This is crucial as you’ll get an idea of how many people are using their phone for this specific purpose.

From general usage, you can also ask for data on how your customers use the internet. Since apps do use data and need to connect to the internet, you can get an idea of how customers would behave if they have your app.

Another good piece of data to have access to is what customers generally do on their Smartphones. Some like taking videos or pictures, others will look at maps or check their email.

Do Some Marketing

With this data in mind, you can gear your strategy towards a suitable marketing campaign. Again, the idea is always to get downloads. If your version of success is getting feedback on improving the app, you’ll need people using it and telling you what they think. As such, you want to create a marketing campaign that’ll appeal to them. You’ll also want them to be using the app as well of course.

For marketing, there are a few ways you can approach the situation. You can consider email as email marketing is still a prominent aspect. That being said, you’ll need to promote this well in advance for you to get any traction with this. Another good approach is using social media. Through social media, people can see the app exists and can create a smooth transition for people.

When it comes to getting people to use it, one helpful tactic is to use timely notifications. We all use the internet from our smartphones to get current information. Notifications, in this case, are not out of the ordinary and can keep people in the loop and to let them know your app is there to help them.

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