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The ad:tech Agenda

The ad:tech Agenda

Another successful year has gone by for ad:tech New York with a huge turnout of exhibitors, speakers and attendees.

One of the main attractions was the Conference containing a series of stages and speakers throughout the event.

There were many challenges for ad:tech surrounding the conference sessions and how they could be displayed in a easy-to-read format that represents all participants equally. Many larger events have struggled with this conundrum in the past. How exactly do you get all this information onto one page and please all your participants and sponsors?

Even more of a challenge, how do you represent this on mobile with even less space available to you?

To meet this need, we developed the Symposia Programme Feature.


General key features:

  • Easy-to-manage CMS tools allowing easy addition and management of the programme.
  • On page load, a transition effect causes the programme to slide in from the right. This visual queue ensures readers are aware of additional streams and content.
  • Faded streams outside the main content area also help with the issue above.
  • Left / right arrows follow the user down the page. Another visual queue for additional content.
  • Colour coded columns help readers identify stage / stream separations.
  • Session titles and speakers are all clickable helping readers to find out more about the session, and it’s participants.
  • Speakers with their respective photo and company logos displayed.
  • Each day can be split into multiple categories, with their own tabs.

Mobile key features:

  • Streams visible one at a time, with clear representation of all streams in a neat drop-down that allows the reader to toggle between them.
  • Reduced clutter creating an easy-to-read single column of content.

How can this benefit your event?

Most importantly, the ad:tech portfolio represents one way this module can be set up. If your site had additional needs and requirements, at Symposia we have a series of tools and features at our disposal. Combined, these allow us to created a tailor-made programme for your event.

Need more information? We’re always available for a call. Alternatively, book yourself a demo for a hands-on look at this feature.

Matt is Symposia's product manager and is responsible for the technical planning and delivery of our projects.


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