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Tips to Improve Low-Traffic AdWord Campaigns for Your Event

Tips to Improve Low-Traffic AdWord Campaigns for Your Event

The foundation of any good AdWord campaign is great search volume. It doesn’t matter if you have a good click-through rate and a great close rate, if you only have 12,000 searches a month that’s what you have to work with. Making the most of the searches you have is vital. Here are a few tips to help you improve your low-traffic AdWord campaign.

Broad Searches

A broad search doesn’t work well when you use keywords with larger search volumes. Keywords with broad searches confuse search engines because there are just so many possibilities for what you’re trying to find. Small search volume keywords are usually specific. Using broad match does a good job of getting your ad in front of more low-volume searches than you may have thought of. Don’t forget to check your Search Term Report after letting your search run for a few months. Keep an eye out for new words you could use. Cut words that are wasting your money and add to your negative keyword list.

Set the Scene

Low search volume sometimes happens because people haven’t thought to search for what your business/event is selling. Corporate events selling new, innovative or unique products find this to be particularly true. Don’t wait for attendees to look for your event on their own – paid advertising on social media, video and other mediums will help build brand awareness and let people know what you offer.


Consider using Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA), which allows you to target similar audiences. Consider running an extremely low bid campaign of the common similar searches, then use RSLAs to increase your bids with people who have visited your landing page or website before. This can be the best of both worlds for speciality products because you’re able to hold on to the potential new customers from the more generic search without fighting for people who aren’t ready for what you’re selling…yet. Basically, this trick lets you use RLSAs to use larger volume search keywords without the headache of irrelevant clicks.

Great Ad Copy Gets the Clicks

As already discussed, low-search volume keywords tend to be highly specialised keywords too. You need to get as much out of the searches as you can, so you must have ad copy specific searches you’re counting on. The ad copy needs to match the search and intent and terms of the low traffic keywords you use.

Your target customers may use different keywords, but chances are their pain point is the same. When you create ad copy that is consistent, you can use the same AdWords labels. Then track your performance from there.

Yes, low-traffic AdWord campaigns can be difficult to manage. But if you change your approach a little instead of following high-traffic “best practices,” you can still be successful.

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