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How UX/UI design will shape our future

How UX/UI design will shape our future

As we are now in the Internet of Things era, our digital world is undergoing revolutionary changes much like the physical world. The birth of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has significantly transformed virtually all aspects of the world, the way things are done including business and customer interactions.

UX/UI – How It can Significantly Impact Our Future

UX/UI has become an integral part in our world today. With AI tremendously having an impact on UX/UI it’s not hard to see how this can crucially influence our future. Below are some ways AI affects us in the long run:

Significant Shift to Service-Oriented Business Models

When conventionally businesses are attuned to merely selling their products and services to customers, in the long term businesses should focus on how they can effectively render their service to the customers. Basically, the product will become the user experience itself. This means businesses are expected to enhance their products and use interactive and engaging methods to attract users.

Intuitive and Painless Design System

Groundbreaking AI technology will pave the way for intuitive designs and allow designers to develop designs faster and effortlessly.

More Personalised User Experience

AI will radically improve user experience by providing users with customised service in the sites and applications they make transactions with. With the help of AI, tracking the users browsing schedule and habits, location, type of device used and other pertinent data is easier. By understanding your user unique preferences the better their user experience will be which in turn means better conversion rates for you.

Increase in Industrial Designers and Craftsmen Demand

You’ve most likely heard how some believes robots will be taking over our jobs pretty soon. But this is absolutely not the case. The rising demands for AI technology mean designers and industrial craftsmen’s services will be much needed to work hand in hand and make the most out of this technology.

Autonomous Cars will Start Dominating Our Roads

Uber’s self-driving cars are underway and have gone through road testing. It won’t be long before we’ll see autonomous cars take over the roads which are seen to be viable ways to eliminate road accidents and enhance road safety.

The Rise of Virtual Reality Devices

As almost everything will be directed towards providing enhanced and personalized experiences, it may not take long but we’ll have to say goodbye to screens as VR devices will be more prominent.

Refined Huge Data Analysis System

Data is a quintessential component, particularly in the digital world. Virtually every web transactions mean data is generated. For further optimisation, smart data analysis system is valuable and AI can make data analysis seamless and refined.

Design and Technology Will be More Interlaced to Each Other

Back in the day design is often undermined. But as more people are realizing how efficient design systems can help augment product qualities and enhance the user experience, design systems are now seen in a different light. With the rapid influence of UX/UI, technology and design will work together and their synergy will have a significant impact on the business’ success.

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